7 Virtues


Virtue is defined as a particular moral ecellence or a commendable quality.

We love this section, simply because it is suddenly quite straight forward of what is good or bad. Once again, this section is one of these sections that varies, depending on source. We really prefer using the Latin phrases, simply because those are the "same" on a more constant basis than the translations.

Again, there are problems of translations, knowledge of language and time.

The seven deadly sins are even more interesting. Some call it "capital sins" but we prefer deadly to make them more serious. It is here we started using synonyms, as some of the words may not "mean" anything - it is just a word...

With the synonyms, suddenly, it becomes more understandable. More so, there are certain differences in "degree of seriousness" concerning a deadly sin!


in Latin

  1. Humilitas

  2. Liberalitas / Caritas

  3. Humanitas

  4. Patientia

  5. Vitus / Castitas

  6. Temperantia

  7. Industria


in English

  1. Humility

  2. Charity

  3. Kindness

  4. Patience

  5. Chastity

  6. Temperence

  7. Diligence



  1. Modesty/humbleness/Bravely

  2. Generosity/unselfishness/Helpfulness

  3. Compassion/Gratitude/favor

  4. Mercy / Tolerans Forgiveness

  5. Abstinence / Moral

  6. Humanity / Moderation

  7. Ethics / Fervour