Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart


To thee, O sacred heart of Jesus!

To thee I devote and offer up my life, thoughts, words, actions, pains, and sufferings.

May the least part of my being shall no longer be employed,

save only in loving, serving, honouring, and glorifying thee.

Wherefore, most sacred heart!

Be thou the sole object of my love,

the protector of my life,

the pledge of my salvation,

and my secure refuge at the hour of my death.

Be thou, O most bountiful heart!

My justification at the throne of God,

and screen me from his anger, which I have so justly merited.

In thee I place all my confidence,

and convinced, as I am, of my own weakness, I rely entirely on thy bounty.


Destroy in me all that is displeasing and offensive to thy pure eyes.

Imprint thyself like a divine seal on my heart,

that I may ever remember my obligations, never to be separated from thee.

May my name also, I beseech thee,

by thy tender bounty ever be fixed and engraved in thee, O book of Life!

And may I ever be victim consecrated to thy glory,

ever burning with the flames of thy pure love,

and entirely penetrated with it for an eternity.

In this I place all my happiness,

this is all my desire to live and die in no other quality,

but that of thy devoted servant.


FROM: The Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

With Pious Practices, Devout Prayers, and Instructions,

Intended to Promote Fervour Amongst Christians.

Printed in the year, 1799.