Step-by-Step Rosary Network


The aim of our Step-by-Step Rosary community is to be a brilliant Rosary-content-provider-platform and we fit very well into the section of partners. We will be able to offer various formats of Rosary prayer, from the beginners Step-by-Step Rosary to the advanced Rosary.

The crew behind Commander Cross Rosary are the "founders and developer" of the Step-by-Step Rosary format - as well as our backbone and greatest supporter. 

Key-concept are focusing on Fathers, Men and Family and all tied together in love and respect between all. These are the driving force pushing all partners forward. Full focus on praying the Rosary and to tell the Truth. Strong believer of prayers in Latin to connect us and our prayers with centuries of prayers.

Battlefield Rosary was merged into Commander Cross Rosary. It was originally created to be the battle mission arm of Commander Cross Rosary.

Battlefield Rosary was the developer of The Penitent's Rosary.

The Penitent's Rosary, was merged into, which is "source" and information section of the Commander Cross Rosary. The Penitent's Rosary was created by the Battlefield Rosary, and, lifted all our Rosary website material to another level.

Penance Penance Penance shouted the Angel in one of the Fatima apparitions ... but how ... and when praying the Rosary?

Every Rosary ought to end with a litany - thanks to the Penitent's team.

We, at want to be a great provider of Rosary prayers and prayers over all. Our story began in May 2015 and can be read here

Pray-Rosary.Church was one of our ideas to try to implement the international aspect of the Rosary and its prayers. We have struggled due to certain limitations, in particularly with implementing the Step-by-Step concept.

It is one thing to just add the traditional Rosary prayers than finding all prayers that ought to be included. And, in many languages too. was supposed to focus on the German language and was merged into which is the "mission" and language-website within the Step-by-Step Rosary community.

Rosenkransens Vänner is a local Rosary prayers and prayer bank in Sweden. These guys added the Step-by-Step Rosary concept into their Rosary prayers in their local language. 

There is a huge focus on translating prayers into the Swedish language as loads of existing prayers are not very well translated but also due to policitial interference, vague translated and "re-invented".

The Society of the Holy Rosary has its base in the Rosary but is the only partner which show the three tradiational (Joyful- Sorrowful- and Glorious mysteries) as well as the Luminous - created by Pope JP II. All of them follow the Step-by-Step Rosary format we all have agreed to use. All are in English. This is the only partner aiming to be a "media house" with blogs, articles and social media.

The new and maybe odd member of our Step-by-Step Rosary prayers but fully supported from the founders. The Holy Ghost Rosary has one specific task to ask our Holy Ghost.

There is nothing called Holy Ghost Rosary, there is a Holy Ghost Chaplet. The Holy Ghost Rosary guys implemented our love for the Rosary and for Our Lady into a Step-by-Step version with the Rosary prayers and format and the specific request to Our Holy Ghost.